The U.S. Department of Commerce announced the preliminary determination that imports of common alloy aluminum sheets from China are being sold at less than fair value. To address this, importers of common alloy aluminum will be required to pay a 167.16 percent antidumping duty, an amount that is in addition to the 33 percent or more countervailing duty announced in April and the 10 percent Section 232 tariff on all aluminum imports.

"Even though the American-made RV industry overwhelmingly uses domestic aluminum in the manufacturing of RVs and their component parts, since the announcement of the aluminum investigation, our members have reported an increase in the price of domestic aluminum anywhere from 10-40 percent," said Mike Ochs, RV Industry Association Director of Federal Government Affairs. "The increase in domestic aluminum prices threatens the booming RV industry by increasing prices to consumers, as has historically been the result of increased tariffs and duties."

The last stage of the investigation is for the International Trade Commission (ITC) to make a final determination as to whether or not domestic aluminum industries have been harmed by the import of Chinese aluminum. A hearing before the ITC is scheduled for late August and final determination would occur no later than mid-Oct. If the ITC determines that there is no harm to the domestic aluminum industry the duties will be vacated.

The RV Industry Association will continue to work with the National Marine Manufacturers Association to present our case to the Administration and the ITC that more harm is done to domestic downstream industries than there is benefit to domestic aluminum industries. As part of the ITC's investigation, questionnaires are being sent to affected parties. If any RV manufacturer or supplier receives a questionnaire from the ITC, it is imperative to fill out and return the questionnaire with information on the harm inflicted on the RV industry and other downstream industries and suppliers.

Please direct any questions on these duties to Mike Ochs, Director of Federal Government Affairs at [email protected] or 571-665-5860.