When the new state sessions begin in just a matter of weeks, the State Government Affairs team will capitalize on preparations made this fall to further the State Legislative Agenda. In 2019, the team will continue the initiative to ensure that all 50 states have franchise laws in place which correctly address the unique relationship between RV manufacturers and RV dealers.

A critical step in securing enactment of an RV-specific law, in addition to participation of RV dealers, is gaining the buy-in of the state motor vehicle board or commission that is tasked with oversight of the manufacturer/dealer relationship. Our long-standing relationship with the National Association of Motor Vehicles Boards and Commissions, and participation in their annual conference has cleared the way to move forward with RV-specific laws in the 2019 target states.

In addition to enacting RV-specific laws, protecting the industry from onerous lemon laws is a key priority of the state team. These lemon law administrators are integral to solving lemon law issues in the states and will be important during the upcoming sessions.

A recent initiative that will be a priority in 2019 is the creation of Offices of Outdoor Recreation in all 50 states. This is a joint initiative with other Outdoor Recreation Roundtable members and with our partners at the state RV associations. The team is hopeful to add more such offices in the states or enhance offices that already exist.

For questions or more information on the State Team’s 2019 plans, please contact Christine Siksa at [email protected] or 571-665-5870.