Campgrounds in Iowa re-opened Friday but only for RVs. Bathrooms, showers and other facilities are still closed.

KETV Newswatch 7 met with the Clark and Mennem families, who go on camping trips nearly every year, to discuss what the outdoors means to them and how you can practice responsible social distancing in the outdoors amid COVID-19.

"Being couped up, it's time to go," Mike Clark said.

"We do hikes and .... marshmallows," Katie Mennem said.

Because of COVID-19, they had to put this year's trip on hold.

Jennifer, Katie's mom, said she has "seven kids at home, so it's been a little hectic. And they are getting bored but they're trying to adapt the best way they can."

When they found out campgrounds were open to RVs in Iowa, they left Omaha and headed to the Hitchcock Nature Center.

"We were here at 5 in the morning... Friday morning, to set up site," Clark said.

The Clarks and Mennems say they're still taking precautions.

"I think as long as you use your knowledge, keep your hands washed, things like that, shouldn't be a problem," Clark told KETV Newswatch 7.

The families kept their distance from other families who were also enjoying the outdoors.

"We just kind of stay to ourselves, do our thing," Clark said. "(We) let people do their thing, respect their space to."

As the pandemic continues, so do their concerns.

Clark said he wonders,"How long is this going to last? Is it going to be worse this fall? Just the unknowns that kind of stay in the back of your head."

That's why they say getaways are so therapeutic.

"You get your exercise as well," Clark's wife, Kim, said. "It just clears the mind."

RV campsites at certain state parks in Nebraska will open May 20th. You can sign up for reservations starting on May 17th.