Family Bought An RV And Found A Hidden Message From The Previous Owner Inside

Aug 18, 2020

Have you ever bought something that had been owned by someone else — a car, a house, an RV — and found a note or something from the previous owner tucked away somewhere, hidden inside? A family in Australia bought a caravan (that's what they call RVs) and came across something very unexpected — a letter from one of the previous owners. And it's adorable. 

I know this is not the point of this story, but can we take a moment just to appreciate a 10-year-old using a semicolon?! Because that's impressive. Needless to say, this letter touched the hearts of the family who bought the caravan, and they shared this letter with ABC Adelaide, who posted the letter on their Facebook page

The post went totally viral thanks to Poppy's profound advice, racking up over 90,000 reactions, 5,100 shares, and 1,500 comments. In the comments, many others shared notes and other things they've either found hidden or come across that have left a mark on their lives.

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