The pandemic has kept the Wolfe family at home on screens for work and school. But if you’re going to have to be at home, why not take your home on the road in the form of a 40-foot-long RV.

“I call our house lovingly crazy town, so I’m like what’s the difference if they’re crazy at home or on the road somewhere out seeing the country,” Erin Wolfe said.

Erin will freely admit that roughing it is not in the plan. Their RV has everything, and we mean everything. 

A full kitchen, stove, microwave and plenty of room for little kids to make a lot of noise. And Wi-Fi that might make Google jealous.

But there will be a schedule to keep on Eastern Standard time, so work has to be done and so do classes.

“Abby starts school at eight so she’ll have to be online at 5:30 in the morning to do all of the school work. Aiden’s on at 8:40 so 6:40 in the morning, so the beauty is that if you have to be up early you’re done early so we can go exploring every afternoon,” Erin said

So why go to all the trouble to do this when it’s just easier to stay in the house? The kids say it’s well worth it.

“If anything, just getting outdoors more. I’m on a screen for seven hours a day in school,” Aiden said.

The family will be on the road for about three months.