Forbes: With Travelers Avoiding Hotels And Flights, RV Sales Rev

Aug 3, 2020

Call it a case of cooped up consumers creating pent up demand. Deprived of traditional spring and summer vacations that might include crowded flights and hotel stays due to Covid-19 pandemic restrictions, individuals and families are busting out on the open road in recreational vehicles where their rides are their lodgings. 

“This is an epic snap back in demand,” said Garry Enyart, Chairman of the RV Industry Association (RVIA). “We went from literally nothing, to, as weather started to improve, people who have been cooped up for several weeks, looking for things to do started visiting RV dealers.”

When the pandemic first hit, dealer inventories were fairly light, since February and March are typically slower months. Then it got worse as production shut down for about seven weeks from late March to the first week in May. 


The RVIA notes younger, first-time buyers are scooping up RV’s “in droves” exemplified by a boost in sales of small motorized and towable units. 

Aside from major RV manufacturers smaller, boutique companies are staking their ground in the sudden interest in camping. 

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