GE Appliances, An RV Technical Institute Training Provider, Shares Insight On Level 3 Course

Oct 17, 2023

The RV Technical Institute's technician training program is the RV industry’s gold standard. The team has leveraged decades of industry experience and partnered with top RV manufacturer and supplier leaders in the field to develop the most up-to-date and influential RV technician training program ever built.

The hands-on, competency-based program is divided into four levels of certification, covering theory and application, specialties training, and troubleshooting. Level 3 training is available for RV technicians who are interested in increasing their skill set to perform advanced diagnostics, troubleshooting, and repairs on specific systems and components: electrical, chassis, electronics, appliances, and slide-outs. Level 3 courses are taught by RV Industry Association supplier members who have been approved and authorized to share their curriculum with interested service technicians.

Recently, GE Appliances’ Director of Product Management, Mike Boyer, sat down with the RV Technical Institute to talk about how they’re approaching Level 3 trainings with existing service techs: 

How does the GE Appliances Level 3 course benefit RV technicians?
“Our goal is to provide as much information in the RV market today around GE Appliance RV products and domestic home products that you may find in an RV coach. We strive to offer as much information and tools with each training we provide which includes video links, training documentation, and diagnostic forms.”

What do your trainers have to say about the Level 3 course?
“With new GE Appliance RV products hitting the market today we wanted to give in-depth knowledge of our GE Appliance products. Our Senior Manager of Product Service Training, Tim Burdick, outlines his training around the theory of operation; voltage/amps diagnostics; reviews and expectations based on product type; component access and testing; diagnostic form review; troubleshooting points; and asking concepts that we feel will help increase the knowledge and serviceability in the RV market today.”

How has offering Level 3 training been impactful for your organization?
“Feedback from multiple RV service centers and dealerships has been extremely receptive and positive. With over 800 attendees in the last 60 days which include technicians, service managers, call center reps, technical supports, and other business support persons, we have been able to obtain a good understanding of what the industry is looking for in expanding their knowledge with the products out there today. Our ability to do these trainings live through a web-based virtual setting has allowed us to expand our offerings of training to meet the needs of the industry. Tim Burdick uses green screen technology as a method of training delivery to make the service providers feel as if they are in an atmosphere of in-person classroom setting.”

The RV Technical Institute is constantly adding new, approved Level 3 courses to its curriculum. Interested suppliers can become an accredited training provider by downloading and submitting an application for review and approval by the Curriculum Committee.

Likewise, interested RV technicians can learn more about Level 3 and how to take an approved course here.