General RV Center Sponsors All-Female Tech Class With RV Women's Alliance, RV Technical Institute

Jul 6, 2023

General RV Center, the RV Women’s Alliance and the RV Technical Institute are helping more women get involved in the RV industry with an all-female technician training session.

A dozen women will be attending the class from July 10 - 14 at the RV Technical Institute headquarters in Elkhart, Indiana. The weeklong class will teach students the seven RV systems, including propane, plumbing, electrical, appliances, generators, body and chassis, providing the working knowledge necessary to perform pre-delivery inspections. After completing the course and passing the final exams, women will earn a good-for-life certification to prepare an RV for customer delivery.

“We are excited to partner with the RV Women's Alliance and the RV Technical Institute to support essential training and skills to inspire more women to succeed in our industry and grow in their careers,” said Laura Dobbs, General RV Service and Customer Experience Director. “There is no denying that the RV industry needs more certified technicians in general, but inspiring women to join the industry allows us to diversify our workforce. Women bring a high level of attention to detail and a new perspective on how we provide quality service for our customers."

In 2022, the RV Women’s Alliance and the RV Technical Institute coordinated the first-ever, all-female technician class to encourage more women to join the growing number of female RV technicians and service advisors. With 72 million Americans planning to take an RV trip over the next year, there is more demand and opportunity for skilled RV technicians than ever before.

“A significant area of opportunity on the recruitment front is attracting more women into the RV technician field,” said Tracy Anglemeyer, RV Technical Institute Director of Recruitment and RV Women’s Alliance Board Member. “The RV Technical Institute and the RV Women’s Alliance are very aligned in the value we place on education and providing the skills to people in our industry to succeed and grow in their careers. The support from General RV allows us to make an even bigger impact.”

Women are influencing the RV industry beyond service as there has been an uptick in female RV owners in recent years. According to a survey of 800 leisure travelers from the RV Industry Association, which represents hundreds of RV manufacturers and suppliers, women who said they own an RV jumped from 11% in 2021 to 17% in 2022 and 24% in 2023. The RV Women's Alliance believes that having female advisors within the technician field can set new RV owners at ease, making their service experience more comfortable and less intimidating.

“We are thrilled and grateful for the support from General RV Center for our all-women RV technician class, marking a significant stride towards inclusivity and growth,” says Susan Carpenter, President of the RV Women’s Alliance. “By working together, we are able to not only elevate the industry but also cultivate a diverse and skilled workforce that is better prepared to meet the service needs of today’s RVers."