Go RVing Anthem: The Faces Of RVers

May 27, 2020

Brand anthem videos. You may not have ever heard the term but you know them when you see them. In the outdoor space, they're branded content that makes you feel like you can go anywhere in the world and do anything imaginable in the outdoors. They're designed to stir emotion, build a deeper connection and inspire viewers venture outdoors. They don't speak directly to what the brand sells, but what it stands for and why it exists.

Following on the heels of Go RVing's “Miles are Memories” anthem released in March of last year, Go RVing returns with a brand new anthem series, "Faces of RVing." Featuring six influencers representing the broad and diverse community of RVers, they aren't who you would think is the “typical RVer.”

Each participating influencer has created their own personal “Faces” story which will be shared across multiple social media channels with a new video debuting each week. The influencers reach a broad and diverse audience, heavily targeting 30-45-year-olds; one of the fastest growing RV buying age groups. The goal? Influence their audience and fuel a desire that draws them to a local RV dealer.

The timing of the anthem videos couldn't be better as they will directly complement Go RVing’s new campaign, “Go on a Real Vacation.” Building on that campaign, the "Faces of RVing" have come together for a compilation video that was just released on Go RVing's YouTube channel and will be supported by paid digital ads. Check out the video here:

 And check out Go RVing's very first influencer "Face" video here:

Mirna Valerio


Mirna Valerio is an ultra-runner, speaker, and author who is currently very popular in the outdoor industry thanks to a recent film made about her, called The Mirnavator, and her title of 2018 National Geographic Adventurer of the Year.


Noel Russell is from San Francisco and works with homeless youth during the day. On the weekends, she backpacks, spends time outdoors, photographs, and writes.

Fresh Off the Grid are an Oregon-based couple who are famous for their recipes and photogenic cooking.

Laura Hughes is the host of the popular Women on the Road Podcast, based in the desert southwest. She records her podcasts from within a vintage travel trailer.

Rob Lea is a skier and world-champion triathlete and completed the Ultimate World Triathlon, in which he climbed Everest, swam the English Channel, and biked across the USA in less than a year.

Exploring the Local Life is a Latino RVing family of four - Robert, Jessica, Daniel, and Nadia - that learns and travels together, exploring the U.S. in their travel trailer.