Go RVing Highlights Women's Communities To Know

Mar 16, 2023

In honor of Women’s History Month, check out these articles from Go RVing that highlight women’s outdoor communities to know on the road!

  1. Founded by Janine Petit, Girl Camper inspires women to go camping and explore the great outdoors. Members of the Girl Camper community are also encouraged to share their RVs, ideas, favorite campgrounds, and tips and tricks.
  2. The more, the merrier! Posted by Tia Sims, Girls RV Getaway focuses on the joy of RVing with a few friends for a girls’ weekend. Their activities included enjoying nature, visiting a spa, and dining at a trendy restaurant.
  3. Claire and Emma, founders and owners of Salmon Sisters, a fisherman’s lifestyle brand, run their sustainable salmon fishing business from Homer, Alaska. The sisters hit the road in their Class C RV to both make pick-ups and deliveries and enjoy camping, dining, and spending time on the beach with friends.
  4. Tune in to Lauren Hughes’ podcast, Women on the Road, which focuses on road-travel, stories, and tips from the female perspective. Lauren is an RVer who describes herself as a “part-time traveler and full-time creative, seeking inspiration on the road and through the voices of others.”
  5. For the RVing mothers, campgrounds across the United States, including Kampgrounds of America and Jellystone Park, are offering a variety of Mother’s Day activities for moms looking to celebrate the day with their families. These range from ceramics to lady’s outings to craft time and much more.  
  6. Karen is the founder of The Mom Trotter, a blog designed to inspire and encourage families to find a balance between parenting, educating their kids, and traveling the world. She is also the founder of Black Kids Do Travel, which is an organization created to bring about diversity in travel and bridge the gap. Check out her article on Go RVing that details nine reasons why every parent should take an RV trip with their kids.

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