Go RVing Launches New “Don’t Go There” Radio Ads

Sep 15, 2021

We’ve all been there! A family vacation that you’ve been looking forward to for months turns out to be anything but relaxing as the reality of keeping the kids happy turns the experience into a stressful event. Or a vacation you’ve had planned down to the letter only to have it derailed by circumstances completely out of your control like flight delays, lost luggage, and ending up with the wrong bag when you check into your hotel.

Go RVing launched two new series of radio ads that will run through October; one aimed at families and second aimed at a younger, child-free audience.

The first series, Don’t Go There, aims to grab the attention of families with relatable scenarios that highlight the frustrations of traveling with kids on a traditional vacation. For any parent that has ever flown with their children or checked into a hotel, they will undoubtedly be taken back to a memory with the scenario playing out in the ad. Through funny situations, the ads explore what it’s like to fly with kids, (where are my snacks? Don’t touch that! We’re just 15th in line for takeoff); the long lines at amusement parks (it’s hot, we’re hungry, are they cutting the line?), and even those dreaded magnetic hotel key cards that never seem to work as a family attempts to get into their room on a less than calm walk down the hallway from the elevator.  Just as frustration reaches a boiling point, listeners hear “Don’t Go There, Go on a Real Vacation.” 

Go RVing is also testing a new radio series aimed at a younger audience based on Reddit threads discussing nightmare vacation scenarios that you wish you could forget. The ads are based on real events shared online that are sure to have you double-checking your luggage before you leave the carousel!

The 30 and 60 second versions of both series can be heard on Premiere, Westwood One, Katz Alliance, Skyview Network, Pandora, and Spotify through mid-October. Listen to the 30 and 60 second versions of the ads here.

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