Go RVing: Over 1 Billion Impressions

Nov 11, 2020

The second half of 2020 has seen great success for Go RVing. From August 24 through the end of October, the “Go on a Real Vacation” campaign has served more than 1 billion impressions across all media platforms.

National television led the way with high-profile spots during Monday Night Football, NCAA Football, and the MLB Playoffs. These accounted for nearly 350 million views while radio brought more than 286 million impressions.

The campaign has been particularly effective with high value audiences who are drawn to the idea of a real vacation. Go RVing has identified their high value audience as outdoor enthusiasts with at least one child in the household. These outdoor enthusiasts are the perfect audience as their fly, cruise, hotel vacation plans have either been canceled or put on hold. For Go RVing, the click through rate of these high value audiences has risen 80 percent from the start of the campaign.

Video platforms such as YouTube are the top traffic-driver to the all-new Go RVing website, accounting for nearly 40 percent of traffic thanks to short, pre-roll “Go on a Real Vacation” advertising spots. These are the short ads that run before a YouTube video and range from six to fifteen seconds.

As the second half campaign comes to a close, Go RVing will use that data to drive the 2021 media plan, building on the successes and looking at new ways to reach valuable audiences.