Go RVing Partner Mike Caudill Launches New Social Media Series “Geared Up”

Dec 8, 2022

Mike Caudill, a Go RVing spokesman and automotive expert, is launching a new social media series, “Geared Up to Go RVing.” The episodes, which will roll out over the coming months, cover a wide range of topics aimed at RVers.

The series will aim to highlight essential skills and how-tos for both new and experienced RVers, covering educational videos, tips, tricks, hacks, trip planning recommendations, and more. The series is designed to give new RVers the knowledge they need to have a great experience and to further educate seasoned RVers.

Along with outlining the tools you’ll need to get ready for the road, “Geared Up to Go RVing” is divided into five parts: critical tools for RVers, tools for experienced RVers, tools for weather management, tools for trailers and tires, and electrical tools.

You can check out the first episode here.