In addition to promoting RVing to potential RVersGo RVing also provides a wealth of resources for dealers to use within their local markets and in their own campaigns to reach new RVersOne of the most valuable resources are the leads generated by the Go RVing website which is available to participating RV dealers. 

Following a digital overhaul with Go RVing’s website and industry portal last fallthe team is continuing to develop more tools. The latest feature, which was released this week, will allow dealers to automate the lead delivery process and get the leads they want directly to their mailboxes on a routine basis.

Previous feedback from dealers had focused on the inconvenience of having to constantly log in to download new leads, resulting in leads not always being acted upon. By developing this new automated email feature, Go RVing aims to remove these barriers and make it easier to quickly obtain new leads and reach potential customers when purchasing a new RV is top of mind. Dealers can now focus their time and energy contacting potential RVers and nurturing relationships with their existing customers.

For more tailored information, the standard lead search functionality, custom date ranges, and advanced search options are still available on the main dashboard and can be accessed at any time.

To set up the new feature, dealers can log into the industry portal and look for the “My Lead Subscriptions” section at the bottom of the user dashboard. Dealers will be prompted to select whether they would like to receive the automated emails on a weekly or monthly basis. There is also a field to enter a threshold for a minimum number of leads for the report. These settings will allow the user to minimize email clutter. Dealers can also adjust the threshold parameters based on seasonality and demand by increasing or decreasing the frequency of emails as needed. The report can be sent to a single email address or multiple email addresses as needed.  

The automated lead deliver feature is just the latest improvement to the Go RVing industry portal. Last October, the industry portal was completely revamped to create a more intuitive and streamlined user experience. RV industry personnel can easily navigate a new dashboard that allows easier access the leads database, links to new marketing materialstaggable TV spots, and a real time Google analytics dashboard 

Questions relating to the new website can be directed to Sarah Neely at [email protected] and dealers may contact Chuck Boyd at [email protected] to set up an account in the industry portal and gain access to leads and marketing materials. 

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