Go RVing Spotlight: 1st Class RV Adventures

Jan 16, 2019

Sandra Crespo and Luis Class, along with their two children Milena and Julian, are proud RVers who are committed to the open roads and traveling as a family with their Heartland Edge Toy Hauler which they call home. Since hitting the road in the summer of 2016, they made it their mission to inspire others to live their own definition of freedom.

Wanting to know how this active family spends their time on the road, we reached out to the Class family to learn what it’s like traveling with two young children, how the lifestyle has brought them closer together and what the freedom of the outdoors had brought them. Here’s their story:

We first started RVing in July of 2016. Our youngest was one and our oldest was three. Prior to our decision to adjust to RVing, our son had regressed in his speech, therefore being able to spend more one-on-one time with him became extremely important. As we transitioned to life on the road, nearly six months in, Julian started repeating what we said and attempted to speak on his own accord. This was something we hadn’t experienced before, and it was an indescribable feeling. Having the time to spend with him and work with him more closely was starting to pay off. It was confirmation that we made the right lifestyle choice.

ClassFamily_s(Photo courtesy/Go RVing)

To be honest, RVing from the very start has bonded our family immensely. Being able to share an experience like this, as a family unit, is something I’ve always dreamt of having. These experiences we have collected during our travels all point back to the gratitude we have to our RV and the home it’s provided. Since we’ve adapted to this lifestyle, we’ve watched sunsets, hiked, kayaked, swam, eaten outside and engaged in a million other activities – as a family. All these unforgettable memories of exploring new states are just the beginning of countless others to be had.

I waited a long time to have children because I was afraid of not being able to spend enough time with them. Having the chance to expose my family to something like this early on immediately eased those hesitant feelings. And now, my husband and I don’t have to wish to one day take our kids somewhere or show them something we once saw – we have the wonderful opportunity to experience these things together. I wouldn’t have it any other way. Plus, it’s so much easier than attempting to pack multiple suitcases and be attached to a flight schedule to travel. The RV lifestyle lets us move at our own pace and on our time. Freedom.

Life on the road has been wonderful and something that has helped us to become better parents, as well. The way we communicate has improved and our kids are extremely happy. Ever since we began this journey, we continue to learn how to be better people individually and as a family.

ClassFamily2_s(Photo courtesy/Go RVing)

One particular, and very important, task that put our communication skills to the test was learning how to help Luis park our fifth wheel. I had to learn how to explain which way to go and he had to learn how to understand what I was saying. To this day, we are still together, and we get each other, so I think we have that down pat. But let me tell you, it wasn’t a breeze in the beginning. We also had to learn how to resolve any arguments or disagreements promptly because living in a small space doesn’t leave much room to run away. If we don’t resolve situations quickly things can become rather awkward, which is not fun for anyone, including the little ones.

We all have memories we will never forget and many of the memories we’ve created are a shared first which makes them more special. Each new city and state offer a new adventure and experience for our family thanks to our RV, and we hope our travels and stories encourage others to explore their own outdoor adventures and appreciate what the RV lifestyle is all about and can be for them.

The Class family continues to thrive on the road and show no signs of changing course. From “road schooling” their children to teaching others how to choose an RV and be financially stable with this lifestyle, this couple is a true testament to the independence RVing has to offer.

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