In June, Go RVing introduced us to two friends, professional adventure skier Brody Leven and photographer Adam Clark, in their featured series Unexpected. The series chronicles their active outdoor lifestyles and adventures as they descend to four regions of the U.S. using four different types of RVs.

After one month and the release of its first four episodes, the dynamic duo had already racked up a combined 10.5 million views. Two months later, the series has continued to captivate viewers and has garnered the attention of 16 million views and counting.

Concluding the series, we follow Brody and Adam in back-to-back episodes as they do what they do best – skiing. The friends set up in Cooke County, Mont., where having a Lance truck camper proved to be the perfect home base in a place with limited accommodations. Brody and Adam meet up with a snowboarding friend, Forrest Shearer, who joins in on the fun which extends to the following episode. Local skier Beau Fredlund helps the guys navigate the rugged terrain of the Beartooth Mountains where the ski trip has turned into equal parts exhausting and exhilarating as they must climb each foot of the mountain they will inevitably coast back down.

The final two episodes have us follow Brody and Adam further west down US 50 with an Airstream Basecamp in tow. You may not think that the Nevada Desert in springtime is a ski destination, but they prove otherwise. The guys arrive at their final destination at the Sierra Nevada Mountains and call upon their friend Chris Benchetler and his wife Kimmy Fasani to serve as guides. Chris and Kimmy are new parents and they show how their custom-built van makes it easier to connect their passions of outdoor adventure and (growing) family on the road.

Check out the final episode of Brody’s Unexpected adventures below: