Go RVing's RV-Clipse Prank Lands Coverage Alongside Other Major Brands

Apr 2, 2024

This year, Go RVing took the opportunity to get RVing in front of more consumers and media outlets with a tongue-in-cheek April Fools' Day campaign: the revolutionary RV-Clipse glasses. These "massive viewing area" glasses, designed to fit snugly over RV windshields for safe total solar eclipse viewing, garnered national attention and landed Go RVing in the company of other major brands like JIF, Lego, and Jet Blue in publications like AdAge and AdWeek.

The campaign's success went beyond mere amusement. While no one (hopefully) expected to view the eclipse from inside their RV, the underlying message stuck true to Go RVing’s brand: letting consumers know that RVing offers a unique and comfortable way to travel and explore. The press release weaved in the benefits of RV travel, emphasizing convenience, safety, and the ability to experience events like the eclipse "without sacrificing comfort."


The April Fools’ Day campaign tapped into the current popularity of RVing as a way to experience the upcoming solar eclipse. With millions of Americans planning RV adventures, the topic was already trending. The RV-Clipse glasses played on this trend, generating additional interest and sparking conversations about RVing as a viable travel option, particularly for nature enthusiasts and adventure seekers.

And while the product might be a prank, Go RVing did make human-sized eclipse glasses available for free at selected RV dealerships along the eclipse’s path of totality, allowing dealerships to build on the joke and invite customers into their stores. 

Additionally, a limited number of Go RVing RV-Clipse branded solar eclipse glasses are available for RV Industry Association members to pick up from the RV Technical Institute this week. Just drop by 3333 Middlebury St, Elkhart, IN 45616.