Travel in 2020 is changing. People are no longer looking to take trips to far-off destinations and are instead seeking out domestic locations where they can still give in to their wanderlust. For many Americans that means getting out into the great outdoors at some of our beautiful national parks. And for everyone heading out to those parks this year we have some good news: Those national parks are about to get a serious influx of cash.

On June 17, the U.S. Senate passed The Great American Outdoors Act. As the Center for American Progress explained, once fully passed the act will provide permanent funding for the Land and Water Conservation Fund. It will also fund the deferred maintenance on public lands and go toward further funding the Bureau of Indian Education.

“The Senate’s decisive stamp of approval for this historic package demonstrates the growing energy and power of America’s conservation movement,” Kate Kelly, director of Public Lands at the Center for American Progress, said in a statement. “This bill will provide a significant shot in the arm to our nation’s economy and help heal our public lands and waters at a time when natural areas are rapidly disappearing.”

Now, all that’s left for the act to do is pass in the House and it will be good to go. Here’s what you should know about the act, and how you can voice your support for its passage.

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