In June Ford Motor Company F, -0.49 percent revealed a version of perhaps the most important vehicle in the world: The all-new, full-size F-150 pickup truck. In truth, it’s not as all-new as Ford claims, as the basic formula—a winning one for the Blue Oval—hasn’t changed drastically, but everything about the truck got serious going-over and update. This all-new 2021 F-150 will likely be on sale in the fall.

A new F-series from Ford is a moment, as the Blue Oval’s big truck has long been what David is to statues or Pat’s is to Philly cheesesteaks: the genre’s best example. It is frequently, if not always, the most searched and researched vehicle on Autotrader. Plus, it’s appeared on numerous “Best” lists on sites like Autotrader and


The new F-150 arrives during a Golden Age of pickups. Right now, the mix of available trucks has never been wider. Or better. There are 13 models available today, both full- and midsize, and that does not even begin to count the endless stream of cab, bed and engine configurations. Prices stretch from the $31,000 Nissan NSANY, 2.69 percent Frontier to the GMC Sierra, which starts close to $60,000 and is really a luxury vehicle that happens to be a pickup truck. Load in a diesel engine and all the options and you can spend near $75,000 on a pickup truck if your wallet is willing.

Relatively speaking, pickup truck sales have been fantastic in 2020.

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