As the coronavirus expands rapidly across the country, many American businesses are pledging to do their part to make a difference during the crisis. RV industry leaders have taken up the challenge and are stepping out in many important ways.

One such industry chief is Jarrod McGhee, CEO and owner of Fun Town RV, a 13-facility dealership based in Cleburne, Texas. McGhee relates how the current coronavirus outbreak has motivated his company to provide help in ways that only the RV industry can.

He reports that cities and towns in both Texas and Oklahoma - where his company oversees its network of dealerships and service centers - have come to Fun Town RV to purchase units, especially for doctors, nurses and other caregivers in the frontlines against the virus. These units enable them to stay near their health facilities either for a few hours’ rest or even overnight.  

“We have sold hundreds of units in Texas alone over a period of several weeks. But our participation doesn’t end there,” said McGhee. “We also send drivers along with the deliveries to show people how to set up the RVs and how to use them safely. Right now, we are setting up campsites in two cities.”

As well as filling orders for needed RVs, Fun Town RV is also making donations to local organizations that help to protect the safety and daily life of the area. McGhee names one such contribution - to the Johnson County Sheriff’s Department, for use by county jail employees who must remain quarantined after exposure to coronavirus.

As his company faces the new demands of surviving in the time of the coronavirus, McGhee reveals there have been a few obstacles with some municipalities who want to make purchases.

“They want to help, but city officials don’t know what they can or can’t do. They want to buy from us but are not sure if they can. There’s no clear message from governmental communications. We are helping them to get in a position where they can buy more from us, and quickly.”

Despite some setbacks, McGhee is still optimistic that things will work out. “I’ve been through September 11th and the 2008 housing crisis, and some tough business ups and downs. But I believe that if our company and other RV businesses continue to do things right by offering help to those who need it, including helping our employees, we can make it through this and come out better for it.”

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