CNBC’s Jim Cramer said Monday investors should look at stocks exposed to outdoor activities such as camping and boating as the economy reopens.

“As the pandemic winds down, I think the great outdoors theme has more legs than you realize,” the “Mad Money” host said. “It could be a huge summer, even bigger than last summer, which means that any of these stocks could have legs, especially because so many of the big institutional investors have moved away from them.”

Below are the takeaways from Cramer’s recommendations:

LCI Industries: “Lippert sells … for just 15 times next year’s earnings estimates, solid 2% yield, so if the stock sells off tomorrow, you might want to dig deeper into the quarter and use that weakness as a buying opportunity if you like what you see,” he said.

Thor Industries and Winnebago Industries: “They moved so much merchandise last spring and summer that supplies are incredibly tight and that’s allowing them to make a fortune in this environment,” he said. “Thor is [selling] at 14-times earnings, Winnebago at 11-times earnings. Thor gets that higher multiple because it’s best of breed, but they both work here.”

Camping World: “I think this one’s a terrific regional-to-national growth story, and only sells at 9-times earnings,” the host said. “If you can get it at a discount after the quarter, I think you pounce.”

Check out the video below and the full article from CNBC here

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