Ladder Safety - One Rung At A Time

Apr 1, 2019

Did you know March was National Ladder Safety Month? As part of an effort to participate in the promotion of ladder compliance and safety, the RV Industry Association’s Standards Department is pleased to announce the new 2019 edition of the ANSI/RVIA EXTLAD-1 Recommended Practice Laboratory Test Procedures for Exterior Ladders on Recreational Vehicles.

These test procedures provide minimum safety criteria through uniform testing of exterior ladders by the ladder manufacturers and the RV manufacturers for exterior ladders as installed and used on RVs.

One of the objectives of this standard is to better ensure a safe and secure environment among manufacturers and consumers. This is critical because without education and continuous innovation in planning and product design, we are potentially leaving the well-being of our end users at risk.

Included in this new edition of ANSI/RVIA EXTLAD-1, are provisions for rung-bending strength, rung torque, rail shear strength, ladder mounting and an assortment of test procedures that provide minimum safety criteria through uniform testing of exterior ladders, among others.


These practices are intended to provide the manufacturer, purchaser and user of exterior ladders with a set of performance and dimensional requirements against which this product may be compared. Although it is not the purpose of this standard to specify all the details of construction of exterior ladders, it can be a great tool for serving as the basis for instructions in personal training. The limitations imposed are for the purpose of providing adequate general guidelines and testing methods needed for consistency.

As an ANSI Accredited Standards Developer (ASD), the RV Industry Association’s standards department is required to revise or reaffirm this standard on a routine basis. Safety is pivotal for this industry and our efforts to educate and provide the necessary tools is something we are proud to offer. It is our duty to share the safety benefits and remain a proactive leader in the products you use. 

Need a copy of the new 2019 edition of the ANSI/RVIA EXTLAD-1? Click here!

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