With the on-going coronavirus crisis, numerous companies have stepped to the plate to offer their services and products to those in need.

Life Industries Corporation, of North Charleston, S.C., manufactures high-quality and maintenance products for the marine, RV and aviation industries, and wanted to provide aid to others with a product they already had – sanitizing solution.

"As we were seeing store shelves emptying of any type of sanitizer products, we felt that we could help fill the hole left in the supply chain by providing this non-alcohol based sanitizer,” said Life Industries President Grace Schmidt.

To lend their hand in the fight against the spread, Life Industries increased its production of sanitizing solution and has made the product available in various sizes for use for the general public, as well as for health care professionals. A solution of Benzalkonium Chloride (BZK) and water allows the product to be safe for use on skin and surfaces, and is a common ingredient used in most antibacterial wipes and soaps.

“We felt compelled to help in any way possible and since we already have the equipment to blend, bottle, package and ship, we switched gears, put on hold our regular production of marine, aviation and RV maintenance products, so we can focus entirely on providing this sanitizer that we had been manufacturing for private label for many years," shared Schmidt.

Given the high demand of medical supplies in healthcare right now, these efforts brought on by so many around the country in a time of need is truly inspirational.

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