Volunteers from Lippert’s program Lippert Cares helped build an ADA-compliant ramp for the family of one of their own over the weekend.

Sujeidy Vasquez’s 13-year-old son Oscar is wheelchair-bound. The family moved from Houston about three months ago and Vasquez began working at Lippert. In the mornings, Vasquez would carry her son down the steps of their home to bring him to school, and then climb the stairs to gather his wheelchair, and do the same bringing him home. When the team at Lippert Plant 58 found out, they wanted to help.

“Because our team members are so amazing, they jumped on board and said, ‘How can we make this happen?’” said Carla Macedo, with human resources at Lippert. “Our team members know how to put something together and within just a couple of weeks, our team members did the measurements under the guidance of SAWs. They did the prefabrication this week at the plant.”

You can find the entire article from The Elkhart Truth here.

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