Motorcoach Garages Diversify In Taking On RV And Truck Repair And Storage

Sep 17, 2020

While the COVID-19 pandemic has shuttered most of the travel industry, it has turned into a boon for the recreational vehicle (RV) market. This has created an opportunity for motorcoach garages to diversify their work by taking on RV and truck repair and storage.

RVs offer a way for people to travel while maintaining their space from others. In July, the industry delivered the strongest sales month in four decades, with shipments up more than 50%.

In those numbers, Alan Thrasher spotted a potential new revenue stream for his Thrasher Brothers Trailways of Birmingham, Alabama. After all, he has a large parking lot and a garage that is currently being underutilized. 


“Our mechanics understand a lot of different vehicles besides just buses,” said Thrasher, who has spoken to a manufacturer about a new business plan to become an RV service dealership. “The RV business has exploded. They are very similar to buses in the way they operate, their parts and pieces.”

Larry Hundt, owner of Great Canadian Holidays & Coaches in Kitchener, Ontario, saw the opportunity a few years ago and began offering truck and RV repair at his garage.

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