Unlike any other, the outdoor industry provides a real chance for a lifestyle business of entrepreneurial dreams.

Like many, I started my own business for the freedom of creating my own destiny, the autonomy to go where I want to go, when I want to go. To create a business that mirrors my own values and would have the culture I sought but did not find at other places I previously worked.

For me, this meant creating a values-based agency focused on helping great companies with a mission to achieve both profit and impact. Over the last six years, we have found a values-alignment with companies across a wide array of industries with one clear standout—the outdoors.

Entrepreneurs and their teams working in outdoors have come to this business out of their passion to be outside in the beauty and serenity of nature—riding bikes, hanging at the mountain, rafting down the river, camping and drinking beer at the outdoor pub. A rich, full, community-filled lifestyle leading as their most important values.

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Photo credit: @ALEXAZABACHE on Unsplash