RV Industry Association Assistant General Counsel Kyle Correa-Brady Selected For 40 Under 40 Class Of 2022

Dec 6, 2022

Kyle Correa-BradyRV PRO magazine’s annual “40 Under 40” event recognizes an extensive lineup of the next generation of RV industry leaders under 40 years old across all market segments. One of the future leaders recognized by 40 Under 40 this year was the RV Industry Association’s Assistant General Counsel, Kyle Correa-Brady.

First joining the RV Industry Association in April 2017 as a staff attorney, Correa-Brady was promoted to Assistant General Counsel in 2019. He has worked tirelessly to provide legal and business advice to the Association’s many departments, review and oversee all contract management, and support industry members as needed.

Correa-Brady also co-liaises the Lawyer’s Committee with Bob Schmitt, the Association’s Vice President and General Counsel. Additionally, he assists in regulatory and legislative matters at both state and federal levels for the government affairs team.

“I enjoy being involved in all aspects of the Association,” Correa-Brady said. “We have a very talented and incredibly smart team and I get to work with them on a daily basis. Also, I love that my days are never the same. Even within one day I can work on so many different projects and with different departments. I never have a boring day because there’s always something new to do.”

His many accomplishments since joining the Association have included strengthening relations with Transport Canada and the National Highway Transportation and Safety Administration (NHTSA) regulators, representing the Association and wider RV industry in coalitions that are shaping the future of vehicle regulations. He also created a formal contract review and approval process, as well as centralized and automated the legal department’s contract database.

Since 2019, he has headed the industry’s annual Regulatory and Safety Compliance Seminar, an educational program that brings together over 100 industry leaders and government regulators each year. Alongside these responsibilities, he also serves as the staff liaison for the Association’s RV-C subcommittee, as that group works to update a critical open-source protocol to enable new ways for RV components to wirelessly communicate with each other.  

With such an impressive track record, it’s no surprise he was nominated by Schmitt to be part of this year’s 40 Under 40 class. “Kyle regularly manages a variety of legal and business management tasks under tight time constraints, with varying collaboration demands, and he always turns out a quality product,” says Schmitt. “His skill and leadership are recognized and appreciated throughout the industry. He exhibits grace under pressure, and he’s earned the trust, friendship, and respect of his teammates and industry colleagues.”

“It was humbling and a great honor to be recognized with such an impressive group of individuals,” adds Correa-Brady. “They did a really good job putting the event together. I’m grateful to Bob for nominating me.”

He notes that, in his time with the Association so far, there’s been one part of his role that’s stood out. “I enjoy assisting members and helping them resolve some of the challenges they face,” he says. “In my role as the RV Industry Association's NHTSA and Transport Canada liaison I frequently get questions from members. Helping them with those situations and finding a resolution is very satisfying because there’s a tangible result and a final product, which, as a lawyer, you don’t always get to see. Lightening a member’s burden and helping them out is always a good feeling.”

Along with having the opportunity to support the Association and help members, there’s something else about the RV industry that Correa-Bready finds meaningful: “We work in an industry that recognizes it takes all types of different companies, and even within those companies it takes all types of roles, to be the $140 billion industry we are today,” he explains.

“The unity we share and the recognition we give each other is instrumental in continuing to grow the way we have. We even saw this during the ceremony when they were announcing the winners— the names, companies, backgrounds, and roles of everyone who was selected to be part of 2022’s 40 Under 40 was so diverse. It ran the gamut and that was really nice to see.”

RV PRO’s 40 Under 40 is located in their December 2022 issue here, beginning on page 24. Kyle Correa-Brady’s recognition is on page 36.