Following the success of the 2018 Aftermarket Parts and Accessories Customer Survey and the value that the aftermarket segment gleaned from the results, the RV Industry Association worked to provide a deeper, more in-depth look at purchasing behavior across multiple groups. 

With the Association recently noting the RV aftermarket contributes 3,187 jobs, $272 million dollars in wages and over $750 million in total economic output on a yearly basis, the 2019 Customer Survey was designed to analyze specific areas of the aftermarket buying process to look at how the aftermarket contributes to the lifestyle of RVers. The survey asked 800 current RVers about their experiences purchasing aftermarket parts and accessories. These RVers were the decision-makers for purchase, service and maintenance of their RVs, and had made an aftermarket purchase in the past two years. They also had to have made an RV trip in the past year.

One of the critical areas focused on by researchers was discerning the primary reasons RVers go shopping or make a purchase: The study found those reasons include:

  • Replacing parts and accessories: 86%
  • Accessorizing their RV: 85%
  • Upgrading parts and accessories: 83%
  • Just looking at parts and accessories: 80%
  • Browsing for RV-related products: 80%

The survey also revealed that it is younger RVers who are choosing to buy the most parts and accessories to make modifications and additions to their vehicles to enhance their outdoor experiences. These consumers want multiple ways to find parts and accessories that they can use to tailor their RVs to fit their unique experiences and the aftermarket segment is strongly positioned to enhance the consumer experience and build lasting loyalty to RVing.

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