RV Industry Association Working With Washington State Department of Labor and Industries To Improve Electronic RV Plan Submittal Process

Nov 15, 2022

To provide industry members with better service and expedited communication, the RV Industry Association has been working with the Washington State Department of Labor and Industries’ plan review division, known as Factory Assembled Structures (FAS), to help implement an all-electronic plan submission process for RVs and Park Model RVs. This is in lieu of paper copies that the Factory Assembled Structures division has requested in the past.

Since 2021 the RV Industry has experienced significant delays in plan reviews because of staffing issues at FAS. These issues created a massive backlog of RV plans and caused a disruption to RV commerce. Throughout 2022, FAS has been able to re-staff some of the vacant positions and the backlog has lessened but is still present. To help expedite the process for the RV Industry, FAS is requesting the entire RV industry move to electronic plan submission.

“Using the electronic plan submittal process has already shown benefits for RV manufacturers” said Nick Rudowich, RV Industry Association Senior Manager of Government Affairs. “Members have reported wait time for plan review and approval to go from months to days when using electronic submission.”

The full instructions for how to make an electronic submission are located here.

For more information, check out the full RV and Park Model RV information packets on the Washington State Department of Labor and Industries’ website. Please note, these packets still contain information regarding paper submittals. The department is working diligently to update these documents. They still contain important information regarding the Washington Labor and Industries RV and Park Model RV processes.

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