RV Rental Services Have Boomed During COVID And Show No Signs Of Slowed Interest

Mar 2, 2022

Jason Sprayberry never imagined he'd be in the full-time business of helping people plan their family vacations. Until recently, he had a full-time job in tech. Five years ago, on the side, he started renting out his RV.

"I had a nice job in technology and bought a van so I could go do my own adventure travel, mountain biking and fly fishing," Sprayberry said. "I decided I would put it up for rent just to see what would happen, and pretty soon the unit was gone all the time. I bought another one for myself so I could have one, and then it was rented all the time."


Even though vacations including flight travel and hotels have picked back up, Sprayberry said thankfully, the interest in his business has stayed high. The same goes for a much larger-scale RV rental service, RVshare. The platform boasts more than 100,000 units for rental.

"[COVID] didn’t start the trend – it just accelerated it," said CEO Jon Gray. "It kind of dramatically pushed RV travel into the mainstream of the American travel conscience, and we have experienced that benefit. We’re seeing stronger growth now than we saw during the first two years of the pandemic."

RVshare worked with a third party company to conduct a survey about travel patterns, and found that 70% of millennials said they would go on a vacation in the following year that involved a road trip.


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