RV Technical Institute Announces Expired Technician Re-Engagement Program

Mar 28, 2024

A new program from the RV Technical Institute aims to make it easy for RV technicians with expired certifications to transfer and renew their certification.

We know there are a lot of technicians out there who hold now-expired certifications from the old RVDA/RVIA program. We want to make it easy for these technicians to get the training they need to bring these certifications back current,” said RV Technical Institute Vice President of Operations Sharonne Lee. “The RVTI Board recently approved providing free Level 2 training and one attempt at the Level 2 tests through the end of the year for any techs with an expired certification.”

When the RV Technical Institute took over the RV Industry RV Service Technician Certification program in 2020, all currently certified technicians were instructed to transfer their certification over to RVTI. While many technicians did transfer their certification, there are still many who have not. This new program will incentivize those who have not transferred to do so before the end of the year.

Know a technician with an expired certification? Share the details on the program and the full reengagement program fact sheet.