RV Technical Institute Forms The Gary Bunzer Memorial Scholarship

Jul 29, 2020

The RV Technical Institute has announced the formation of the Gary Bunzer Memorial Scholarship which will honor his legacy by reaching those who aspire to become experts in the field of RV repair. The full details of the program are being development and finalized, but the Gary Bunzer Memorial Scholarships will be used to assist training candidates in need of financial assistance and will be awarded for online and in-person training for both aspiring technicians and current techs seeking continuing education.

In his passionate work as the RV Doctor, Bunzer bettered the RV industry by making expert RV training instruction available to RV service technicians as well as RV enthusiasts through his popular website, seminars, books, magazine, and newsletter articles. He served on numerous RV technical textbook review committees where he helped guide education and certification efforts with his vast knowledge as an RV technician, educator, and training specialist. Bunzer was also a Veteran of the U.S. military and continued to publish technical newsletters even while deployed, a testament to his boundless dedication to sharing his expertise and insight.

“There was no greater champion for RV technical education,” said RV Technical Institute Executive Director Curt Hemmeler. “Gary was the connection between RV consumer and the industry, and his wealth of knowledge was the catalyst for the curriculum that RVTI has adopted. This Memorial Scholarship is just one way we can continue to honor him for all his contributions to technical education and the RV industry.”

For more information and interest in contributing to the Gary Bunzer Memorial Scholarship, please reach out directly to Curt Hemmeler.