RV Travel On The Upswing Due To COVID-19

Jun 19, 2020

Flying might be taking a nosedive in popularity due to COVID-19, but RVs are on the upswing.

Since the pandemic hit and many Americans are unable to take international vacations or fly across the country due to fears of contracting or spreading the disease in close quarters on airplanes, they are turning to the traditional “Great American Road Trip” instead. Nationwide demand to purchase RVs has sharply increased, leaving many dealers struggling to meet demand, and sales closing on vehicles almost as soon as they are manufactured.

Recreational vehicles are booming due to a combination of historically low gas prices and the need for safe places to prepare food, sleep and use the bathroom without coming into close contact with those outside of your household. After months of lockdown and with summer soon to be in full swing, Americans are turning to these vehicles to get outside.


Danny Engle, general manager of RV dealership Camping World in Meridian, said he cannot make sales fast enough.

“It’s been really awesome to watch the evidence of people wanting to have that experience with their family and feel it’s safe and feel it’s the best decision for them,” he said. “In this pandemic it really gave me a sense, and all of our employees, a sense of strength and a sense of just happiness to be in the middle of helping finding families a way to stay together.”

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Photo credit: Thor Industries