RV Women’s Alliance Hires Executive Director Sandy Ellingson

Mar 13, 2020

One year after the official launch of the RV Women’s Alliance (RVWA), the group is excited to announce the hiring of their first executive director, Sandy Ellingson. This is a newly created position for RVWA, a membership organization committed to promoting women within the RV industry and creating opportunities for the next generation of women leaders.

“I am amazed daily by the things that our group has accomplished in the short year since our official launch. As we enter our second year, now is the right time to hire an executive director who can work with our incredible volunteers and take our group to the next level,” said RVWA President Susan Carpenter. “Since meeting Sandy, I have been inspired by the passion and dedication she brings to her volunteer work with our group. She has a great vision for how we can grow the organization and provide needed services and value for our members.”

“There is no one better than Sandy to step into the role of executive director,” said RVWA Vice President Jordyn Foos. “Sandy brings a wealth of knowledge and experience in running membership organizations as well as extensive experience and contact within the RV industry. Sandy has big ideas and the drive and skills to bring these ideas to life. I cannot wait to see what we will accomplish with Sandy at the helm.”

“I am honored to serve as the executive director of this important organization,” said Sandy Ellingson. “I have been impressed with this organization since I joined and am in awe of what these volunteers have been able to accomplish is such a short time. As I step into the role of executive director, I look forward to working with the many talented members to set and implement the strategic direction that will allow us to take this group to the next level and positively impact the future of all women in the RV industry.”

In the newly created position, Sandy will be responsible for working with the RVWA Board of Directors to execute the organization’s strategic plan by implementing systems and processes that allow the group to better serve and grow its membership. Sandy will also be working very closely with RVWA Committees to create meaningful events and resources for RVWA members, including the release of the first-ever study of women’s roles within the RV industry.

The mission of the RV Women's Alliance and our members is to bring together a diverse group of extraordinary women and men from across the RV Industry who, through social and educational programs, mentorship and networking opportunities, are inspired and empowered to realize their individual potential, enhance their career experiences and create opportunities for the next generation of women leaders.

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