RVC Outdoor Destinations is seeing an uptick in reservation requests from traveling nurses, many of whom use their RVs as their self-contained home while they are on temporary assignment at hospitals and other medical facilities across the country.

“Privately owned campgrounds, RV parks and resorts have to stay open to accommodate traveling doctors and nurses and other people who perform essential services,” said Lloyd T. Lauland, Jr., president of Memphis-based RVC Outdoors, which owns and operates nine resorts in nine states.

Lauland said his call center has received an increasing number of reservation requests from traveling nurses who are being dispatched to different areas of the country to help with the Coronavirus epidemic.

RVC Outdoors is also seeing increased reservation requests from older RV enthusiasts, especially Baby Boomers, who don’t feel comfortable in cities and prefer to be out in remote locations in the safety and comfort of their RV.

“We have had many guests seek refuge from the virus at our resorts and have chosen to self-quarantine by avoiding larger cities, crowds, and unstocked grocery stores” Lauland stated, adding, “Many of our guests are ordering readily prepared meals through a number of providers. Our concierge team sends a text message or calls to inform them that their meals have arrived and arranges for the packages to be delivered at the door of their RV or cottage.

Lauland said the remote check-in and concierge services his company has implemented make it possible for guests to avoid personal interaction with those not in their immediate family while staying at an RVC Outdoor Destinations property.

“We have implemented ‘Remote Check-In’ as an option for all of our guests who choose to limit their personal interaction during these unprecedented times,” Lauland stated.

Social Distancing, as defined by the CDC is limiting person-to-person interaction, safely keeping a distance of 6 feet/2 meters away from people, limiting handshakes/hugs, and being in well ventilated areas. “All of our RV sites, cottages and yurts meet or exceed the safe distances as outlined by the CDC,” he said.