Solution To The Labor Shortage: Skilled Trades

Sep 29, 2021

Increased demand for jobs in the skilled trades also includes the booming field of RV technicians. The RV Technical Institute is dedicated to training and recruiting people into the RV technician field and offers the only industry-backed training curriculum that provides a jumpstart to a fulfilling, good-paying career. 

The jobs of the future are, in part, the jobs of the past: Work for electricians, carpenters, and plumbers could help fix the labor shortage.

As millions of Americans reevaluate their careers during the pandemic and quit their jobs, skilled trades that typically offer higher pay and on-the-job training may be a promising new career choice.

A new annual report from Angi, a marketplace for home services, highlights not only the situation of skilled trades during the pandemic but how skilled trades could take advantage of the so-called Great Resignation in other industries.

"If home trades recognize the connection between what their trades offer and what workers are seeking during the Great Resignation, we could begin to see a narrative change around trade labor and start to reverse the labor shortages that have impacted the trades for years," the report said.

The report suggests people in skilled trades are happy with their work — Angi said that 83% of tradespeople it surveyed said they were at least somewhat satisfied.

"So when two-thirds of the labor force aren't engaged in their work, this is an area where people should be going because it's booming," Mischa Fisher, Angi's chief economist, told Insider.

Angi said there's a demand for these workers because of booming markets in homes and home improvement during the pandemic. An analysis of job data from the industrial-staffing agency PeopleReady also indicated this demand.

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