The COVID-19 pandemic brought a vibrant RV industry to a sudden and sustained halt and is likely to bring significant changes to how people travel in the coming months. To address this, a collaborative industry relaunch task force has been formed to develop an industry-wide and coordinated plan to increase dealer sales and campground stays nationwide by spreading the message of the benefits of RVing and an active outdoor lifestyle through national channels.

“This task force will deal specifically with how we assist our industry partners with meeting the needs of our current and future end customers,” said RV Industry Association Chairman Garry Enyart. “The group began meeting last week and includes key stakeholders from RV OEMs, suppliers, distributors, dealers, campgrounds, and finance companies.”

Initial conversations have focused on the status of the industry and industry segments across the country to lay the groundwork for developing messaging for how Go RVing can promote the virtues of RVing as we emerge from this national crisis to drive consumers to dealerships.

The goals of the task force are to:

  • Relaunch the RV Industry
  • Drive RV Dealership Sales
  • Increase Campground Stays Nationwide

The task force will accomplish these goals by connecting industry stakeholders with the information and resources to relaunch the industry and creating consistent messaging and collaboration with industry stakeholders on timelines, target audiences, deliverables and execution.

“The task force is an outgrowth of regular meetings that have been taking place since mid-March between the RV Industry Association, the RV Dealers Association, and the National Association of RV Parks and Campgrounds to discuss issues related to the RV industry in response to the COVID-19 pandemic,” said Enyart. “The collaboration has been amazing to see – It’s what sets us apart from other industries and will help us emerge stronger than ever before.”