Travelers Are Opting To Rent ‘Adventure Vans’

Aug 29, 2020

RVing is attractive for a number of reasons, especially right now in 2020. However, RV companies have noticed a distinct uptick in interest, especially for those seeking a brief reprieve from their daily lives in the midst of a world where travel is uncertain, to say the least. RVing and traveling by camper van has given people back the power to explore and vacation once again, albeit not in the traditional sense of a 'vacation' like many of us think. RV vacations usually involve scenic drives, smaller living spaces, and fewer amenities than the average hotel or resort - but many are finding new, and small, joys in this way of, life, too.

An RV vacation can be far more affordable than most while also offering the added benefit of a two-in-one perk. Not only do travelers have the ability to go wherever they want on their own time, but pulling over to find a hotel is never an issue because all sleeping and living accommodations come with you. This is quite alluring to many due to varying sanitation guidelines in addition to uncertainties over where, and when, to travel. However, these aren't the only reasons many are opting for RVs - and there's some more good news: It's totally possible to rent one before committing to a purchasing price.

Nowadays, RVs and campers are far more than they were 20 years ago. While many are outdated, newer versions come with updated storage, appliances, and even eco-efficient features. Many are taking van life into their own hands as well, purchasing regular vehicles and turning them into part- or even full-time living spaces, ready to go whenever they are. Since the pandemic, many have turned to on-the-road life in order to reshape the way they spend their time as well as their workspace, with up to 60% of people in the US working from home.

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Photo credit: Instagram @lucyonlocale