This week, Representative Jackie Walorski sent a bipartisan letter to U.S. Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross asking for changes to the tariff exclusion process for manufacturers. In the letter, Rep. Walorski and 38 other Members of Congress asked for changes that will streamline the exclusion process and provide certainty and relief to small businesses impacted by the tariffs.

The letter lays out ten specific requests, including one to allow trade associations to apply for tariff exclusions for an industry. If this change is granted, the RV Industry Association would be allowed to apply for an exemption for the industry and save manufacturers the time and money spent filing duplicative applications.

Other requests include: provide relief for undue delays in the application review; simplify the application process; take measures to protect sensitive information and trade secrets; provide timely updates to companies waiting on exclusions; publish a plain language FAQ on the process; incorporate the concept of grandfathering existing contracts; review the impact of tariffs on downstream users; and consider the needs of U.S. manufacturers for custom orders not available by domestic producers.

View Rep. Walorski’s statement and the full letter here