Webinar: 5 Biggest Takeaways From Go RVing’s RV Owner Demographic Profile

Apr 14, 2021

The Go RVing RV Owner Demographic Profile is the most comprehensive study of RV ownership ever conducted, providing deep insights and perspectives on the demographics and ownership habits of RV Owners, Former RV Owners, and RV Intenders. The study focuses on purchase trends, intentions and motivations; RV usage characteristics; the importance of RV features; and, travel and recreation preferences across meaningful demographic and generational breakouts as well as RV product types.

Join us on Wednesday, April 21 at 1pm Eastern for a members-only webinar to discuss the five biggest takeaways from Go RVing RV Owner Demographic Profile. This webinar is intended to give participants the insight and information they need to make the most of the vast amount of information available to RV Industry Association members.

RV Industry Association Senior Director of Membership and Research Bill Baker will be joined by Ipsos Director Tim Reimer, who directed the segmentation and demographic profile research for the study. Tim currently leads Experiential CX Research programs at Ipsos with a concentration in automotive brand sponsorships and marketing initiatives of varying scales and clientele targets.

5 Biggest Takeaways From RV Owner Demographic Study
Date: Wednesday, April 21, 2021
Time: 1 PM Eastern

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