What's Next: Video Tech Support--In Your Car

Feb 16, 2022

As technology continues to advance, the roles of technicians and skilled workers is evolving along with it. Check out how technology is helping technicians work virtually with consumers on the go, assisting them with challenging software and reducing the need for onsite visits. 

BMW owners who are stumped by their car's goofy gesture controls to change the radio station or turn up the volume can get real-time video instructions from a live human, who will guide them through what to do, Joann Muller writes.

Why it matters: Consumers are increasingly overwhelmed and frustrated by the complicated technology bombarding their daily lives, and having an on-demand expert to hold their hand — even virtually — can make a huge difference.

  • "The customer is not expected to know software," says Rama Sreenivasan, the CEO and co-founder of Blitzz, a startup that's powering BMW's virtual roadside assistance feature.
  • "They just want visual empathy," Sreenivasan tells Axios. "All they have to do is hold the phone and show things to the technician. We provide that visual link — then the rest is handled remotely."

How it works: Using video support software from Blitzz, certified BMW technicians can remotely help customers with everything from roadside assistance to troubleshooting their phone's Bluetooth connection.

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