There is widespread consensus across the political spectrum that Congress desperately needs to address our crumbling roads and bridges in rural gateway communities, on federal lands, and on the highways and byways RVers rely on for safe and enjoyable experiences. The desire to address infrastructure is present in both the legislative and executive branches of the government – but both Congressional leaders and the President need to come back to the table and negotiate.

One of the main issues that still needs to be resolved is how to pay for such a large infrastructure package. Several ideas are currently being floated around Capitol Hill and the White House, but none have been officially agreed upon.

Next Wednesday, February 19, RV Industry Association Director of Federal Affairs Chris Bornemann will outline the various proposals and rumored pay-fors to fund a massive federal infrastructure package during the members-only Driving Policy Webinar. Sign-up to participate.

Tune in to hear how the various proposals will impact your businesses and the RV industry. Chris will also share his expert opinion on the chances of an infrastructure package making it through Congress in light of the strong support from President Trump in his State of the Union address for getting infrastructure done this year.