As part of our commitment to fostering continuous safety improvement, the RV Industry Association’s Standards Department works collectively with the Standards Steering Committee and its various RV technical subcommittees to engage and fully participate in the national committee process for maintaining and updating the standards adopted by the RV Industry Association for the construction of RVs and Park Model RVs.

The NFPA 1192 Standard for RVs, ANSI Low Voltage (LV) and National Electrical Code (NEC) are typically published on a three-year cycle, while the ANSI A119.5 Standard for RVs and Park Model RVs is published on a five-year cycle. This means that existing requirements are reviewed and updated for clarity and applicability every three or five years which enhances the ability of member manufacturers to utilize the latest technology and to install advanced systems and components in their RV and Park Model RV product lines.

Code change proposals are routinely developed by the Association, outside experts, state government officials and other interested parties according to the published NFPA and ANSI process. Below are the respective revision cycles for the four adopted RV and Park Model RV standards. These documents identify the important deadlines and necessary steps that are used in publishing the next edition of each standard. Also included below are the RV Industry Association accredited ANSI operating procedures & schedule for the standards sponsored by the RV Industry Association, and a blank form for submitting proposals to the RV Industry Association.