The following report shows the RV Industry Association's monthly RV seal sales to members. Like the monthly shipment report, this report is another tool the RV Industry Association makes available to our members to help determine buying cycles and trends in consumer demand.

Every RV and Park Model RV produced by a member manufacturer must display the Association’s seal. The seal communicates manufacturers’ self-certification that it has complied with the RV standards adopted by the Association and has been subjected to regular, periodic compliance audits by inspectors, who monitor the thousands of requirements impacting electrical, plumbing, heating, fire & life safety systems, and construction of RVs.

The Seals Report includes the monthly total of seals by RV type, comparison's to the same month during the previous year, yearly fulfillment totals by RV type, and a year over year comparison. Finally, you will find a rate of change comparison to monthly RV shipments. This report is only available to RV Manufacturer, Park Model RV Manufacturer, Supplier, Aftermarket Supplier, and Finance Firm members.

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