Who is developing the curriculum?

The RV Technical Institute staff is working with a team consisting of 16 subject matter experts from the supplier, manufacturer, dealer and independent technician realms of the RV industry. These subject matter experts, along with professional curriculum developers and technical writers, identified the key areas of required knowledge and expertise needed to develop a well-rounded, practical training and certification program. 

Where is the RV Technical Institute located?

The new 18,000 square foot facility, located at 3333 Middlebury Street in Elkhart, Ind., sits on 3.34 acres. There are currently seven classrooms in the facility, 10,000 square feet of shop/bay space with 17-foot ceilings to accommodate two to three RVs - enough space for learning, depending on RV type, as well as space for component trainings. 

Where can I get trained now and will it carry over?

TnT Supplier Component Training and Registered Technician training will continue to be offered during the build-out of the institute’s new curriculum and credentialing program. Credit for training completed at any time in the past or during the current transition period will be mapped to the future state RV technician credentialing.

How will training and credentials be tracked?

The institute will implement and manage a new nationally accessible learning management system for all technicians across the U.S. that will track their training and credentials. This move is the first step in professionalizing the careers of credentialed technicians. The system will serve as a tool to validate the training and expertise that these skilled techs possess and presents a solution to nationally recognizing and standardizing these unique qualifications. Dealers will also have access to this database to track their employees’ credentials and stay abreast of new opportunities and programs for their employees that will allow dealerships to better serve their RV customers.

Is TnT Supplier Component Training Going Away?

While it will no longer be branded as TnT, supplier component training will continue to be a major focus for the institute; the institute will be keeping the pieces that are currently working in the TnT program and fixing the things that don’t.

The reimagined program incorporates the feedback we’ve received from suppliers, technicians and dealers about the areas that are working the best and the pieces of TnT that have not been performing as well. Supplier stakeholders are excited about revamping technician training because the current system can be adjusted and corrected. We expect the supplier component training offered by the institute will be the best of all possible approaches and we will be well positioned to adjust and implement necessary changes to meet our member and technician.

Why Become a Certified RV Service Technician?

With record numbers of RVs being produced and sold to an ever-expanding demographic of RV consumers, it is more important than ever that RV buyers know that there are efficient, well-trained technicians available to keep their RVs safe and operational within reasonable repair cycle time-frames. Recognizing that the need is urgent and must be addressed, the RV Industry Association developed a comprehensive strategic plan for increasing technical training, certification and employment in anticipation of making a significant investment in reinventing RV tech recruitment and training. 

We have created a range of flexible program options for individuals seeking certification, additional education and those looking to become an RV technician.  The industry agrees that properly trained and certified technicians that can quickly diagnose and repair RVs and their components increase their earning potential and add greater value to the dealerships where they are employed.