The Standards Team released the 2018 edition of its in-depth comprehensive standards training test that touches on all major disciplines across the NFPA 1192, ANSI LV, NEC and RV Industry Association Adopted Standards. The new, 2018 comprehensive training tool, used by member companies for years, is the most extensive test produced to date encompassing more topics than previous versions. This training tool is a very comprehensive overview in question form that addresses many critical aspects of the adopted standards and provides a training tool for assisting production personnel to maintain standards compliance.

This iteration of the training tool was developed by subject matter experts in the association's Standards Department, inspectors in the field and Standards Steering Committee members. New elements of the test were created based on the newest standard updates, most common deviations inspectors see in the field and the most commonly requested training topics as well as the classic overview of the association’s standards program.  It has been designed with the aim to educate, gauge understanding and test the knowledge of the existing requirements within the adopted 2018 editions of NFPA 1192 & ANSI LV and the 2017 edition of the NEC. The training tool measures proficiency in a range of disciplines including:

  • Fire & Life Safety (NFPA 1192 - 2018 Edition)
  • Heating (NFPA 1192 - 2018 Edition)
  • Plumbing (NFPA 1192 2018 Edition)
  • LV (ANSI/RVIA LV 2018 Edition)
  • NFPA 70 - National Electrical Code (NEC 2017 Edition)
  • Vehicular (NFPA 1192 2018 Edition)

This document was designed to both teach and enable easy learning about the existing requirements within the adopted 2018 editions of NFPA 1192 & ANSI LV and the 2017 edition of the NEC. Some companies use the document to supplement training courses provided in-house to technical teams while others have used the test to evaluate their internal quality control and compliance measures. Still others use specific portions such as the electrical portions to train the electrical crew.

The answers document references specific standards that relate to the question being asked as well as the related RV handbook that the codes can be found in. “This provides another opportunity to educate.” said Kent Perkins, senior director of standards at the RV Industry Association, “We want this tool to accomplish more than a basic Q&A document. The answer key goes beyond simply giving an answer without any explanation. We aim to provide context and the “why” behind the answer along with the handbook and code that the supporting information can be found in.”

Members may download the complete TEST and ANSWERS to use at their convenience.