The RV Technical Institute is formally open for business on Sept. 23 in conjunction to the Elkhart RV Open House. The state-of-the-art facility will host multiple trainings throughout the year for technicians of all levels and offers hands-on experience for technicians to attend lectures, obtain study materials, as well as practice new skills in action. Whether it’s working on RVs in the facility and learning about the component parts within the units or working on the individual supplier parts in the Institute’s learning labs, technicians will be able to test, troubleshoot, inspect and repair components and units in real time.

This delivery method however; is not the only way that the RV Technical Institute is executing its strategic mission to train as many technicians as possible and reduce the repair event cycle time (RECT) for consumers across the country. The curriculum delivery is a hub and spoke model that will be pushed via several regional partners across the country who are able to use the Institute’s curriculum to train and prepare technicians for certification to the RV Technical Institute’s standards.

The Institute is pleased to announce that the first partner for its Level 1 training programs will be the Camping World Technical Institute (CWTI) and the Windham School District in Texas. Both partners are coming to the RV Technical Institute’s Grand Opening and will also be participating in its pilot Train the Trainer Program. Following their completion of the training, both partners will be ready to initiate Level 1 training at their facilities. Both partners are fully committed to the program and agreeing to abide by the licensing partnership agreement that will maintain the same levels of training delivery and maintenance nationwide. This is the first step to professionalizing and standardizing the field of RV technician training across the country.  


CWTI is teaming up with the RV Technical Institute to completely revamp their existing program. Camping World already has over 500 technicians trained in their apprentice course. CWTI’s first step in transitioning, is to offer these technician’s the RVDA/RVIA Registered Technician exam in preparation to transfer their credential to the RV Technical Institute’s Level 1 certification.

The Windham School District in Texas is a correctional facility that provides appropriate educational programs to meet the needs of the eligible non-violent offender population, thus reducing recidivism by assisting offenders in becoming productive members of society. The workforce development program provides them with training for an in-demand career that can be utilized when they complete their sentences.

The official list criteria on becoming a licensed partner will be available in September and interested parties may contact the Institute about the next steps for obtaining the curriculum and training technicians in their locations. Upon receiving the curriculum and participating in a Train the Trainer course, the Institute’s partners will be able to use it immediately and begin training to the new standards. Being a recognized partner ensures that criteria and curriculum for training and testing in Level 1 is being followed and delivered in uniform fashion to every technician.

Training for Level 2 certification is being finalized and pilot training for the curriculum will take place within the next couple of months. Following the completion of the pilot training and tweaks and modifications for Level 2, the Institute will work with licensed partners to obtain and develop Level 2 training and certification at their facilities.

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