Last week, we continued our coverage of the 2020 federal affairs priorities with a look at campground modernization, infrastructure and outdoor recreation issues. This week we cap off the series with a look at federal priorities relating to growing political influence at the federal level.

2020 creates a unique opportunity for the federal affairs team to work with presidential and congressional campaigns and attend the Democratic and Republican National Conventions in Milwaukee and Charlotte, respectively. Working with campaigns early and often will ensure outdoor recreation and RV friendly policies on tax, trade and other industry priorities are included in the appropriate party platforms. The conventions will provide the team the ability to raise the profile of the RV industry at various events and interact with Members of Congress and other key political leaders to advance the priorities of the RV Industry Association and the Outdoor Recreation Roundtable.

After the election, these activities will allow the federal affairs team to be poised and ready to work with the transition team of a new administration or strengthen our relationship with the Trump administration.

The House and Senate RV Caucus Members are the champions for the RV industry and RV lifestyle on Capitol Hill by advocating on behalf of the industry on issues such as campground modernization, tax and trade.

The RV Industry Association provides the House and Senate RV Caucuses with opportunities for Senators, Representatives and their staff to learn more about the vital role RVs play in the outdoor recreation, travel and manufacturing industries. The team updates the caucuses with industry information, news stories and briefings, and hosts educational events throughout the year.

Members of the House and Senate RV Caucuses are diverse and represent members of the RV industry from across the country. These dedicated Members of Congress have helped champion numerous legislative and regulatory issues affecting the RV industry since their inception in 2014.

The federal affairs team will continue to work with the RV industry and Congress to educate and grow this group of RV champions on the Hill. Requests from constituents to join the RV Caucus are very compelling. Support the growth of the RV Caucus by asking your Members of Congress to join today!


Finally, the team will focus on growing the RV Industry Association’s new political action committee, RVPAC, which raised close to $50,000 in its first year. This year, RVPAC will begin contributing to candidates and hosting events.

For more information on the RV Industry Association’s 2020 federal priorities, please contact Chris Bornemann at [email protected] or Samantha Rocci at [email protected].