There are endless YouTube videos and Instagram posts that detail all the best ways to custom-build a camper out of a new or used commercial van, and those talented influencers are great at making it look easy. But unless you're handy and have a host of specialized tools on hand, buying a premade rig to live your best #VanLife may be a better way to go, and Airstream's new Interstate 24X camper van is tailored for people who want a turnkey vehicle ready for their next adventure.

Built on a four-wheel-drive Mercedes-Benz Sprinter chassis, the Interstate 24X comes with all-terrain tires, a height-adjustable air suspension, and enough off-grid equipment to let users venture way off the beaten path while still delivering modern conveniences. Both an onboard generator and a host of solar panels ensure electrical service for the van's lighting, kitchen, and entertainment systems. The 13,500 BTU air conditioner provides enough cooling to turn the Interstate 24X into a welcome oasis when camping in warm weather; a furnace and water heater are also standard.

Reconfigurable is the name of the game with the Interstate 24X's interior layout, with a number of different bed configuration choices and a modular table system that allows users to move the van's dining table to one of four different places, including one that turns it into a standing desk for remote workers.

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