Go RVing’s First-Timer’s RV Toolkit: Organizing Your RV Road Trip

Aug 3, 2022

More than two decades since the program first began, Go RVing continues to be a marketing and consumer awareness thought-leader, introducing millions of Americans to the freedom of RV travel and building a desire and passion of the adventures that await.

One way the Go RVing team has accomplished this is through developing the First-Timer’s RV Tool Kit. Launched in 2020 and expanded last year, these first-timer resources are available for new RV owners who are looking for resources on how to properly use their new RVs.

The toolkit’s resources cover basic information on towing, driving a motorhome, what to look for when buying an RV, and other advice. It also includes in-depth information on water and sewer hook-up, electrical systems, propane, regular RV maintenance, essential tools and gear, and much more. Below is an example of a topic covered by the toolkit.

The First-Timer's Guide To Organizing Your RV Road Trip

Matt Light's Guide for Establishing a Morning Routine

Read Matt's morning routine tips HERE.

Essential Tools Every RVer Should Have

Matt Light's Guide for Establishing an Evening Routine 

View the entire article here, including videos from Roam Academy 101 on essential RV cooking tools and essential gear.

Visit the First-Timer’s RV Tool Kit here.

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